Using geomdl-cli

geomdl-cli uses the following structure for executing the commands:

geomdl-cli {command} {options} {parameters}


  • geomdl-cli is the name of the command line application
  • {command} corresponds to the command to be executed, see the list below
  • {options} corresponds to the command input
  • {parameters} corresponds to the command parameters, such as --help or --delta

Please see the individual command help for details on {options} and {parameters} values.

Available commands

  • help: displays the help message
  • version: displays the package version
  • config: displays the configuration
  • plot: plots single or multiple NURBS curves and surfaces using Matplotlib
  • eval: evaluates NURBS shapes and exports the evaluated points in supported formats
  • export: exports NURBS shapes in supported CAD exchange formats

Individual command help

Individual command help can be displayed via --help parameter.

geomdl-cli {command} --help

where {command} corresponds to the command to be executed.

Defining input file format

By default, the input file format is determined from the file extension. However, in case of a file with no or different extension, the input file format must be defined manually via --type parameter.

geomdl-cli {command} my_file --type=yaml

Supported input file formats: yaml, cfg, json


Please check the GitHub repository for example input files.