Installing geomdl-cli

The recommended method for installation is using pip.

pip install --user geomdl.cli

Alternatively, you can install the latest development version from the GitHub repository:

  • Clone the repository: git clone
  • Inside the directory containing the cloned repository, run: pip install --user .
  • The setup script will install all required dependencies

Docker Containers

A collection of Docker containers is provided on Docker Hub containing NURBS-Python, Cython-compiled core and the command-line application. To get started, first install Docker and then run the following on the Docker command prompt to pull the image prepared with Python v3.5:

$ docker pull idealabisu/nurbs-python:py35

On the Docker Repository page, you can find containers tagged for Python versions and Debian (no suffix) and Alpine Linux (-alpine suffix) operating systems.

After pulling your preferred image, run the following command:

$ docker run --rm -it --name geomdl -p 8000:8000 idealabisu/nurbs-python:py35

In all containers, Matplotlib is set to use webagg backend by default. Please follow the instructions on the command line to view your figures.